Sunday, 2012 December 02

Between FTI Station and EDSA Station, Philippine National Railway
Photo by Kit Monisit

My brother and I were at Alabang over the weekend. We decided to take the PNR back to the city.

Somewhere between FTI Station and EDSA Station of the PNR, the driver said that we were stopping due to technical problems and that they were working to fix it. The air conditioners were turned off as well.

After about ten minutes of being drenched in sweat, the doors were opened to let everyone breathe. Five minutes later, the crew gave up on fixing the train and we were asked to walk to the next station.

Achievements Unlocked:

  1. Ride the train that passes the Home Along Da Riles
  2. Jump off said train.
  3. Walk along da riles.

A ₱10 adventure no tourist agency could offer. Thank God everyone was safe.